RFID and Arduino

This is a basic access control project to read and use the unique IDs of RFID cards including the University of Auckland ID cards.

It uses an RFIDRC522 module that can read 13.56MHz cards and the code is based on the RC522 Arduino library found HERE. It can also write data to the sectors of blank types of these cards for offline data storage or counting, but for this project, we will just be reading the ID numbers of the cards.

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Interfacing Arduino and sensors with Unity


For this project, we attempted to interface hardware sensors with Unity to manipulate virtual objects and give feedback to hardware.

Goals for this project; To use a sensor to control the camera position in a basic Unity 3D scene, and to turn on and off a LED, based on keyboard inputs.

This is based off a YouTube tutorial by inScope Studios.

Files used are available at the end of this post.

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