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Digi Spark / CJMCU Microcontroller

How to program a CJMCU with the Arduino IDE.


The Microcontroller in the CJMCU is an ATTiny85, which is a smaller brother of the chip used in the standard Arduino Uno or Nano board.
It can do most of the same things, but it just has a smaller pin count. 8 in total, 6 usable I/O pins with large loop connections for using conductive sewing thread for wearable applications.


  • All pins can be used as Digital I/O
  • Pin 0 → I2C SDA, PWM (LED on Model B)
  • Pin 1 → PWM (LED on Model A)
  • Pin 2 → I2C SCK, Analog In
  • Pin 3 → Analog In (also used for USB+ when USB is in use)
  • Pin 4 → PWM, Analog (also used for USB- when USB is in use)
  • Pin 5 → Analog In

It can also be programmed with the Arduino IDE. It just does some magic to trick the computer into thinking it’s a USB device for programming.

Basic setup steps:

  1. add the address to the “Additional Boards Manager URL’s” in the preferences of the Arduino IDE: http://digistump.com/package_digistump_index.json
  2. install the “Digistump AVR” boards through the Arduino Boards Manager. And computer drivers when requested.
  3. Choose the correct Digistump board: “Digispark (Default – 16.5mhz)”
  4. Code away as usual.
  5. upload and connect the device to the computer via. USB when the output terminal says.
  6. all done

There is a great tutorial on the entire process on the Digistump WiKi


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