AR and VR Info

Headsets and devices

  • Quest 2 – VR (Non-Tethered)
    • We have 6x headsets, they don’t need a computer to operate and can be taken home or used on campus where ever you can connect to WIFI. Check if you can loan them out here 

quest 2


Get started with QUEST 2 VR headsets here

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2
    • 6 Headsets available.
    • Can be used as a standalone device, great for dedicated AR.


  • Vive PRO EYE VR (Tethered to PC)
    • We have 2x of these devices, they need to be connected to a powerful PC and have the base stations tracking devices. You can see the set up in the Digital Space in the Design department. Please ask before using and some calibration may be required.


  • Insta360 X3
    • Used to capture 360 Video, these are highly portable   360 cams that you can play back in VR.
  • Insta360 Pro 2
    • This is a big VR camera, it captures 3D (Stereoscopic) 360 video and can be used with a mic array to capture 360 Spatial Audio. It is controlled via an iPad and can get some truly impressive shots. Do note that it is large and heavy and cannot be used handheld.
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