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Capacitive touch modules

Capacitive touch modules are built into a lot of devices and are now really easy to integrate into projects. These little modules are digita [...]

Transparent 3d Printing

Using some specific settings and materials, we can print transparent objects with our FDM printers in the Fab Lab. These settings result in [...]

Axidraw V3/A3 Processing Integration

The Axidraw can be manipulated and controlled through Processing. This is a brief look at how this can be implemented, download and unzip th [...]

Draw Vector Images with Axidraw V3/A3 and Inkscape

AxiDraw translates vector lines and SVG files into physical movements, allowing you draw, paint, or write onto materials that you might not [...]

JQ6500 MP3 Player Module

These little modules can be programmed to play mp3 sound bytes stored in their internal memory (8mb max). [...]

Digi Spark / CJMCU Microcontroller

How to program a CJMCU with the Arduino IDE. [...]

Thermal Camera for Arduino Boards

We have a couple of Thermal Cameras that can add heat imaging capabilities to Arduino projects. They have a low resolution 32×24 pixels [...]

ESP32-CAM QR Code Scanner

This project combines two separate projects to get a system that acts as a WiFi Access point and web server to display QR codes scanned with [...]

Indesign Helpful Hints

Here are some useful hints we have used with our own projects: [...]

Overview of 3D printing processes

A collection of 3D printing process explanation videos [...]

Hand drawing to laser cutting with Inkscape

A quick overview of the workflow to get a hand-drawn part laser cut using Inkscape. [...]

Spatial computing lab – Conference use

In the 2020 Christmas break, the design lab was set up into its film studio configuration to help the universities events team to host the A [...]

Creating custom monochrome graphics for micro-controller screens

Arduino code Converting images into byte arrays for mono-colour screens with microcontrollers. Best suited for static splash screens or basi [...]

Illustrator scripts

A repo for custom Illustrator scripts [...]

3d Models to prototypes with the Pepakura App

The old art of paper folding comes to the computerised rapid prototyping paradigm with Pepakura Designer.  Also if you are creating geometr [...]

Kinetic Light Art

I got to extend my skills by building some flyByWire artworks for an Art Festival in Queenstown. To create my first Kinetic Art work I had t [...]

Estimating battery life of electronic designs

How to estimate the life of a battery-powered circuit design. [...]

IoT in the Design Space

The Design spaces have a special WiFi network set up just for IoT (Internet of things) devices. [...]

AI & Machine learning

Links and reading for Ai development [...]

Raspberry Pi & Touchscreens

Testing Raspberry Pi with touchscreens. [...]

Circuit Mockups: TinkerCAD, Fritzing and Circuito

Overview Designers need to communicate their designs to others. They need to be able to document their work so they can refer to it later or [...]
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