Water Jet Cutter

Protomax Waterjet cutter

Working volume:

W300mm x D300mm x H25.4mm


Most materials are able to be cut from Hard materials such as Stone, Glass and Steel to soft materials such as Felt, Foam and Rubber. Some brittle materials may have issues with piercing and can break out the back.









For more information see the Training slides (link here) or talk to a technician.

Using the WaterJet Cutter

To use the waterjet cutter if you have not been inducted, send an email to the technicians at designtech@auckland.ac.nz.

Attach a copy of the design you are wanting to cut out with a description. Also, explain what material you are wanting to do it out of. The machine has a kerf that should be taken into account when creating designs. Kerf is the width of the cut which is about 0.7mm in diameter and will be on one side of the vector path in the design. For more information, add a question in the description of the email.

The technicians will get back to you with any questions, an approximate cost, and organise a time to get it done.

Cost starts at a minimum of 2kg of cutting Garnet consumable (1kg is the setup cost). The actual cost depends on your design and material.

For up-to-date prices, please see our Materials page for consumables costs.