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STM32 (“Blue Pill”) Arduino programming


This will show you the way to program an STM32F1xx series microcontroller with the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment).

Hardware needed:

  • ST-link V2 – USB SWD (serial wire debug) programmer
  • STM32F1xx series microcontroller based board (i.e. “Blue Pill”)
  • Hook up wires

Software needed:


Installing the board into the Arduino IDE:

In the Arduino IDE, go to “File > Preferences”. Add the following link to the “Additional Boards Manager URLs” text box. Click the icon to the right to show a multiline textbox.


Click “OK” to close the preferences window.










Next, go to “Tools > Board > Board Manager”, wait for the list to download and search “STM32F1”. Install the “STM32F1xx/GD32F1xx boards” package.


Select the correct microcontroller and “ST-Link” as the Upload method.











Connect the ST-Link V2 programmer to the STM32 board.

3.3V > 3.3V





Testing the setup

In the Arduino IDE, Click “File > Examples > A STM32_Examples > Digital > Blink”


On the “Blue Pill” board the LED is connected to PC13, so in the blink example, the output pin will need to be changed from PB1 to PC13 in all 3 locations for the LED to blink.


A good tutorial for this board can be found here by Alselectro. It also describes how to program with serial.



If for some reason the ST-Link can’t find a device, remove both the BOOT selection jumpers just behind the USB port and try programming again. Reinstall the jumpers in position 0 after programming to set the board back into run mode.

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