Loan out equipment

All our loan-out equipment can be booked by any Design student via the Creative loan-out portal here:

Please contact us if you have any login issues or have not yet been signed up.

Some of the popular items include,

  • DSLR cameras and accessories
  • Studio video cameras & accessories
  • 360 Video camera
  • VR headsets
  • Android and Apple Tablets
  • Mbot2 Robotics kits
  • Mac & PC Laptops
  • Cables & Clamps
  • Bluetooth/AUX in monitor speakers

We’re still setting up the Fab Lab

so if you think there could be more items that you need for the Design course,

let us know and we can work with the lecturers to make sure we have what you need.



How to make bookings to loan items


How to extend bookings on loaned items




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