FabLab Electronics

Here are the categories for our electronics stock or browse the entire list below.

  • Micro Processors
    Small computers that run and control your devices. The ‘brains’ of your project.
  • User Inputs
    Switches, dials, etc. Ways for people to interact physically with your project.
  • Connectors
    Wires and plugs.
  • Sensors
    Components that sense and detect specialised variables. These can range from light intensity, to moisture, heat, pressure, and sounds levels.
  • Switching Power
    Relays and amps.
  • Motors
    Motors, drivers, and driver boards.
  • Lights
    LEDs, etc.
  • Power
    Batteries, voltage adjusters and supply.
  • Displays
    Visual displays, monitors.
  • Communication
    components that enable Bluetooth, Wi Fi communication.
  • Sound
    Speakers, amps, samplers.
  • Cameras
  • Enclosure
    Physical housing/protection for the electronics.
  • Passive Components
    Resistors, capacitors, other little bits.

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