Laser cutter Projects Tutorial

Engraving onto metals with a CO2 laser

How to engrave onto metal surfaces with a standard CO2 laser and easy to access materials.

Materials needed:

  • Metal surface to engrave on
  • extra fine Plaster of Paris
  • water and a mixing vessel
  • Spray applicator or paintbrush


  1. mix a fine slurry of plaster
  2. thoroughly clean the surface of the metal to be laser etched
  3. spray/paint/apply a thin, even layer of plaster on the surface to be lasered
  4. allow the plaster to dry fully
  5. For a good starting parameter laser etch at ~90W (75% dual laser tubes), 10% speed, 500PPI (multiple passes may be needed depending on the thickness of plaster)
  6. Rinse off plaster residue
  7. remove any sharp edges with fine sandpaper or scotch pad



Note: apparently this process works with table mustard also

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