The FabLab stocks and resels selected materials for students to purchase and use.

These can be purchased from the CAI store (Link here). Talk to a technician first about your project needs and availability.


Available Materials

These materials include:


A flat, bonded wood particle sheet material that is easily cut, worked, sanded and glued. Just be aware, as it’s a bonded wood board it will absorb moisture and will swell if not protected with a coating or paint.

Stocked sizes are usually 3mm thick and in sheets of 900mm x 600mm



A hard and brittle sheet plastic that comes in many different transparencies and colours.





Card / Card stock:Card_Stock

Card stock is a thick flat cardboard with a natural brown card colour.







These costs can be found under the ‘Design Printing and Cutting‘ section of the creative store but usually depend on your design. Talk to a technician before attempting to purchase any.

3D printing Materials:

Ask a technician about

PLA – Our GO-TO all-rounder printer material. This is a rigid material that comes in many different colours, typical prints are in white or black

TPU – Flexible

PCA – polycarbonate

Nylon – Extremely tough with good temp and chemical resistance


Water Jet cutting:

The waterjet cutter uses Garnet sand as the cutting medium. Its sold by the Kg as the program tells us the approximate usage in Kg increments.



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