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E-Bike Lighting system WIP

Work in progress!
This is a long term project of mine for my E-Bike a lighting system with headlight, taillight, indicators, alert system/horn/bell, and a control switch pad.


Planned system overview

The plan is to have everything powered from the 5V 2A USB connector on the bike’s battery pack. This eliminates the need for extra components to step down the battery power from 36V. There will be a powerful, focused headlight and a front white and rear red attention light (the type that flashes to get attention) as well as front and rear orange turn signal indicators. I thought about the lighting a lot and I think it will be easiest and most effective to combine and simplify the driving and signal lights into the same package as they are in about the same locations and need to be controllable. So I would like to use addressable LED’s for these with the added bonus of being able to create eye-catching patterns. The headlight will be a standard focused LED type for illuminating the path at night.

Low profile USB power connector

I found a standard USB cable that comes out of the battery in the centre of the bike too far and my knee hits it when I’m riding. So I decided to try and make my own PCB connector with solder pads for wires. After looking up standard USB connector dimensional drawings I worked out that a 2.2mm thick PCB would work. and this happens to be double the thickness of standard PCB material, so I just glued two pieces together to use. The PCB is fairly standard except for two shallow slots on the back of the board which are used for retention in the socket by little spring prongs that press into them. I designed the PCB in Fusion 360 and after a bit of playing around, worked out how to create tool paths in Fusion 360 manufacturing which I could export out to run my little CNC. After engraving off the unwanted copper and milling out the required part profile I had a usable circuit board.

  • USB Contacts
    Front side with USB Contacts

Switch assembly

modified off the shelf scooter button panel.


USB Bike light

Current Headlight

Indicators and tail light

Addressable LED strips



STM32? In arduino?

Modes of operation

Logic flow diagram

Bell/audio alert

Speaker unit with a programmable audio player



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