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AI app prototyping tool

Draw what you want, where you want, and label the functions. You can also iterate the designs. [...]

Laser Cutting Tools and File Generators

Design tools for laser cutting Pre-fab shape tools such as boxes with a tutorial here https://en.makerca [...]

Projection Mapping with Processing and Raspberry Pi

This tutorial by Bare Conductive utilizes Processing, a Raspberry Pi, and conductive paint to create an interactive art installation utilisi [...]

Quadrupedal Robot Dog by Lingkang Zhan

A small quadrupedal robot dog. Lingkang Zhang’s blog has excellent documentation (mainly videos) describing different features of the [...]

Splitflap by Scott Bezek

This is a cool, step-by-step walkthrough on how to build and create your own Split flap display. These displays are tileable (i.e. can be st [...]

LEET Modular Synth

LEET is Johan Von Konow’s modular affordable synth you can build yourself. It consists of several MIDI devices that can be used together o [...] is a useful prototyping tool for electronic schematics. Use this to get an idea of how you might wire up your projects. [...]

Plastics Recycling

Here are a few resources and interesting links to plastics recycling projects, companies and ideas Precious Plastics https://community.preci [...]
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