Vinyl/Sticker cutter

We have a great machine that can print and cut vinyl stickers and transfers. The machine is called the Roland BN20 and uses inkjet printing and a drag-knife type cutting head to both print and cut out your artwork designs.


To use this machine please get in touch with our technicians, you will need to have your artwork ready beforehand.

Ideally you will use vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape for your artwork, but you can use any of the Fab Lab computers to load your design into the software we have in the Lab and create your printing and cutting files.

Printing will work as long as the your document is set up with CMYK colours, RGB might look a little different when printing.


And for cutting, you will need to load in a specific colour swatch which the printer recognises as cut lines, you can download the Ai file with this colour below and copy it into your artwork file.

Download Ai file with cutting colour here – Vinyl printer cutting colour swatch

Costing for the printing/cutting of your work starts from $5 and depends on what material you use for cutting and also how much printing/cutting you will need to do. Below is our current cost list but please check with a technician to see if this is correct.

If you have any other questions you can reach us on our Discord channel


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