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Thermal Camera for Arduino Boards

We have a couple of Thermal Cameras that can add heat imaging capabilities to Arduino projects. They have a low resolution 32×24 pixels, however the heat data image is still very useful if you need to track an object and measure its temp.

The Setup is fairly straight forward with only 4 wires connecting it to and Arduino board. Power to the 5V and GND pin then the data SDA and SDL which is labelled on both components. The software libraries and detailed instructions are here

The Microcontroller just needs to be Arduino capable and I used the Wemos ESP32 breakout board because of the good labels and handy pin layout. Once you have loaded the example Arduino code to the board you can monitor the output through the seral monitor – However you will only see clusters of numbers that are the heat values of the pixels. To turn this to an image there is a Processing sketch included that converts it to an image and adjusts the scale to include all values.

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