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ESP32-CAM QR Code Scanner

This project combines two separate projects to get a system that acts as a WiFi Access point and web server to display QR codes scanned with [...]

Circuit Mockups: TinkerCAD, Fritzing and Circuito

Overview Designers need to communicate their designs to others. They need to be able to document their work so they can refer to it later or [...]

Building a tilt control bluetooth car with processing and arduino

Remote Control Car Overview: This project makes use of an Arduino, a car chassis, a bluetooth module, and an android phone to make a Remote [...]

Handy Arduino boards & libraries

  This is a repository for good Arduino boards and libraries with links. [...]

STM32 (“Blue Pill”) Arduino programming

  This will show you the way to program an STM32F1xx series microcontroller with the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment). [...]
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