FabLab Equipment

Equipment for Design students to use:

(Note: some machines have material costs)

  • 2x 120W Universal laser cutters (non-metallic cutting)
  • 3x Ultimaker S5 3D printers (Prints standard Ultimaker materials)
  • Waterjet cutter (Can cut just about anything)
  • Prototyping CNC milling machine (up to hard plastics and woods)
  • Vacuum former (thermoform plastics up to 6mm thick)
  • 2x sewing machines
  • Overlocker
  • 5x soldering stations
  • Hot air reflow soldering station (for surface mounted components)
  • A full mechanics toolbox
  • A mix of hand tools
  • Drill/mill machine (Bench size)
  • Battery hand drills, multi tool, jigsaw
  • Badge maker
  • Bench space for projects











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