List of DaVinci Resolve Tutorials

I’ve compiled a list of some DaVinci Resolve tutorials below. These give you a run through of the basics of video editing with Resolve, with some extra tips and tricks videos.
Send us a message if you find anything else that was particularly helpful and we can add it to this list.

Blackmagic Design official training videos

“Introduction to Editing” part 1 & 2 combined runtime 1h 53m
Blackmagic Design is the creator of DaVinci Resolve. Here they’ve made many tutorials that go in depth, with many more for specific purposes like colour grading. If you’re just starting out, the Introduction to Editing videos will be more than enough to start with.

Below are some tutorial videos from some video production youtubers. These tutorials all tend to run through the main interface and most common tools. They all seem fairly similar, have a shorter runtime, but cover a little less than the official videos.

Primal Video DaVinci Resolve – COMPLETE Tutorial for Beginners!

34 mins

DaVinci Resolve 18 – Full Tutorial for Beginners

40 mins

“Tips and Tricks” Videos

These videos cover some more niche aspects of DaVinci Resolve. Some shortcuts and workflow optimisations that will save you time, energy and frustration. These aren’t necessary but will probably come in useful.

15 Random Super Useful Quick Tips for Davinci Resolve that everyone needs to know!

5m 57s

These TIPS will save you HOURS in DaVinci Resolve 17 & 18 – Easy Editing Tutorial

5m 43s

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