DIY Arduino Robot Arm with Smartphone Control

Hey peeps, Steve here 😀

Here’s a side project I’m working on in the Design FabLab to learn how to use mechanical electronics, Arduino microcontrollers and coding.

A pretty big endeavour for me as I don’t have much background in this stuff but thankfully I’ve found a great tutorial that I will be following along with to start with, then deviating and customising parts and coding later when I fully understand the workings of the default example.

Here’s a link to the website and tutorial –

Below is a photo of the assembled 3D printed parts with the servo motors installed.
At this point the arm doesn’t do anything and won’t support it’s own weight but I will be working on the electronics soon enough and powering it up!

If you want to see more or get involved, maybe build one too, come and have a chat 🙂