UoA Printing and Design printer

Printers general use

Nearly all the university printers are on a “FollowMe” system that is linked to your university account.

  • login in manually on the user interface screen or tap your ID card on the card scanner
  • Release queued print needed or delete the queued item

Note: prints will only be accessible to the account it was printed from. i.e. Person A cannot print an item sent by Person B.

Please don’t take the paper out of the printer. Ask a staff member if there is any already available or go to the book shop and purchase some.

Prtinter interface

Printer selection

Note: There are two printers to choose from before sending the print job:

  • “FollowMe-BW on print.auckland.ac.nz” for black and white printing
  • “FollowMe-Colour on print.auckland.ac.nz” for colour printing

The correct printer must be chosen before the job is sent.

If you don’t have any of these printers available, follow these instructions to install the correct driver for your device.

Bypass input (Supplied paper)

Most printers have a Bypass tray for printing on your own paper. To do this you need to select “Bypass Tray” as the Paper tray under the printer properties.

Generally, the printers can handle material from 52g/m2 to 300g/m2.

Try and choose the closest paper type you are using so the printer does not throw errors, which in some cases, can be printed out on your work. For thick paper or card, use the following as a guide:

82–105 g/m² — middle thick paper (standard copy paper)
106–169 g/m² — thick paper 1 (double thickness copy paper)
170–220 g/m ²— thick paper 2
221–256 g/m² — thick paper 3
257–300 g/m² — thick paper 4​​​​​​​

Print propertiesPrinter settings







Bypass tray location

The Bypass (custom input paper) tray is located on the righthand side of the printer. Use the handhold to open the tray out.

Secure and align the paper into the tray with the ‘Paper Alignment Supports’.

Bypass tray closed bypass tray Open


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