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Plastics recycling

Precious Plastic Community

Here are a few resources and interesting links to plastics recycling projects, companies and ideas

Precious Plastics

ODF Recycled Plastic Design

Remix Plastic

Critical Design



/www.circuito.iois where to go to learn and build your electronic projects

Here’s a page of projects that use  NVIDIA Jetson platform that brings powerful AI to a power-efficient, tiny package.

Similar to a Raface detection imagespberry Pi but with faster AI cores




Leet Synth

LEET is Johan Von Konow’s modular affordable synth you can build yourself. It consists of several MIDI devices that can be used together or separate with your preferred DAW.  This page includes the 3d print file, the code, and an innovative circuit board system.

Split Flap Display


Quadrupedal robot dog project by Lingkang Zhan

Has excellent documentation.


Basic motion detection and tracking with Python and OpenCV







Projection-Mapping with processing 








Addressable LED text display with Bluetooth interface

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